3 Ways to Use a Virtual Showroom

3D Solutions | 30 Nov, 2022 | 3 min read

Navin Chandwani

Navin Chandwani


Have you ever considered showcasing your products online in a 3D immersive environment? If not, given that we live in an internet-dominated age, you may want to consider using virtual showrooms for your business. Through this businesses can display, exhibit, and sell digital versions of their products accessible via web browsers on desktops and mobile devices.

The Importance of Digitising your Product or Business

In today’s competitive and tech-savvy world, it is highly essential to create a digital version of your products and provide an excellent online customer experience. You can impress the target audience and potential leads with the help of infographics, animations and other carefully crafted content. Its ability to quickly scale your firm and reach a global audience are two of its key advantages that can complement a physical showroom.

Here’s what virtual experience centres offer:

  • Lively, interactive areas resembling a physical store in appearance
  • Buyers can engage and interact with products in a graphic, immersive environment
  • Opportunities to modify and ultimately strengthen the brand or business’  online presence

Learning how to leverage and integrate these advancements into your business’s digital marketing strategy can aid in garnering leads.

How to Use a Virtual Showroom?

Digital showrooms have the potential to scale your business success. Here are three ways how you can make the most by utilising them for the following:

1. As 3D Product Catalogs

Digital showroom representation
Digital showroom representation

Virtual showrooms are 360-degree immersive venues that offer to showcase detailed product displays digitally. However, as far as a physical showroom is concerned, one needs to display all the products physically in the showroom. To prevent this hassle and avoid missing out on any products, especially bulky ones, businesses can rely on digital showrooms. Audiences can also get all product-related information on the showroom, which works out to be more cost-effective as compared to hiring human presence at the physical showroom.

2. Improved Customer Attention

Today, every brand and product is fiercely competing to hold the customer’s attention a little longer. Anything that doesn't captivate them will be swiftly dismissed. A virtual experience platform can prove beneficial here. Unique features such as 3D product viewing, gamified versions of products, etc., have encouraged businesses to leverage this digital platform in their favour. Therefore, this intriguing online exploration of products encourages customers to spend more time in the virtual space and also enhances brand recall.

3. Better ROI

A company's main goal is to earn a profit. A physical store costs more to operate since it involves renting the space, hiring competent staff, covering utility costs, and maintaining security. In contrast, setting up a digital showroom is simpler and less expensive than doing so physically, which allows firms to make significant financial savings. It makes sense that the return on investment is better and much faster in a virtual experience centre, given that the costs associated with building a physical showroom are higher. Therefore, businesses can utilise them as a tool to improve their ROI.

To Conclude

The impression of your brand is likely to be significantly influenced by digital showrooms. They help you to showcase your brand and products efficiently, especially when combined with the right amount of innovation and originality. Exhibit 360 assists companies in developing a distinctive virtual showroom that best meets their needs. Explore its potential by getting in touch with us.

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