Here’s How Virtual Showrooms Enhance Product Presentation

3D Solutions | 01 Feb, 2023 | 10 min read

Nitin Pai

Nitin Pai

Representation of a virtual showroom for Jacob

Many businesses and brands are selling similar products in today’s competitive market. This makes it imperative for brands to have exceptional product portrayal practices to create a higher impact. Moreover, businesses inculcating unique ways to showcase their products will attract and hold a customer’s attention for longer. A good product presentation also assists buyers in comprehending the product better, which leads to increased purchase confidence and product sales. Therefore, businesses should always encourage unique ways of presenting their brand and products. Reimagining one’s brand with impeccable product demonstration is achievable in today’s technologically advanced world. Digital solutions such as virtual showrooms can elevate product presentation for brands from varied industries.

What is a Virtual Showroom?

A virtual showroom is an interactive web solution that offers brands a platform to extend their physical showrooms online. It is a digital space that breaks the constraints of location, time and many other barriers, enhancing customer convenience. Potential buyers can access these online showrooms with their mobile and other devices anytime from anywhere. This can significantly benefit brands as many people have access to digital devices. They are not required to visit a store physically any more. Thus, expanding one’s brand with the help of these digital showrooms can be highly beneficial for both businesses and customers.

Customers can be hesitant to shop online for various reasons, such as not being able to view or understand the products properly or having a limited variety of options. However, when businesses leverage virtual opportunities such as a digital showroom, they can ensure they eliminate the dilemmas of their potential buyers.

If you’re wondering how?

This is made possible by optimising your virtual experience platform with extended 3D solutions such as interactive product explorers and configurators. Let’s dive deeper to understand the capabilities that these visualisation tools possess.

What is a 3D Product Explorer and Configurator?

3D product explorers and configurators are interactive web solutions that assist businesses in portraying products online more efficiently.

Here’s why these two solutions elevate your 3D virtual experience centres:

3D explorers or viewers let buyers view products in an immersive 360-degree environment where they interact with your product. With the use of 3D graphics and visualisation, the customer can rotate the product to view it from all angles and zoom in and out on it. They can also avail of all product-related information for a clear and comprehensive understanding of the product’s value proposition. Additionally, they allow customers to view the product's internal components with annotations, highlighting USPs.

As far as a 3D product configurator is concerned, brands can offer opportunities for their customers to personalise their products as per their requirements. Using a configurator, a customer can visualise products in 3D and customise them by altering the original product’s version with the available options. This online feature also gives price calculations, as opting for different colours, textures or materials may have varied pricing. Thus, these tools can be beneficial for companies to enhance how they present their products to their target audience.

What Features Make 3D Product Explorers Stand Out?

Product viewers can be significant tools to incorporate into your virtual experience platform. Features such as X-ray vision, information hotspots and unique storytelling make your products stand out. Let’s explore the features of a product viewer in detail.

Information Hotspots

Technological advancement has brought many potential audiences into the digital space. Thus, ensuring impeccable product presentation online can be crucial for your brand. However, buyers may get stuck if they need help understanding the product as they browse online. While showcasing technical products, having information hotspots can better resolve buyers’ product-related queries.

X-ray Vision

Image Representation of 3D product X-ray vision

A product demo tool ensures that your customers are not missing out on any crucial product information. This web solution enables buyers to view products in an X-ray vision that offers target audiences a complete view of the internal product components. This gives them in-depth and complete viewing and helps customers to make assured buying decisions.

Unique Storytelling

The way a brand presents itself matters and portraying products uniquely is a step in the right direction. A product viewer allows brands to create intriguing storytelling concepts that cast a lasting impression on viewers’ minds. This can be implemented by offering informative and engaging product tours to display products and establish an excellent product narrative. A brand can elevate its product experience with web solutions like 3D product explorers. Furthermore, with exceptional features come exceptional benefits.

What Benefits Do 3D Product Explorers Provide for Your Virtual Experience?

An interactive 3D product demo can add charm to one’s product presentation with its various advantages. Moreover, these advantages are not restricted to any particular sector or industry and every type of product and business can make the most of it.

In-Depth Viewing

Sometimes, 2D images may not successfully convey product information as effectively as a 3D portrayal can. A three-dimensional product demonstration provides a more immersive and lifelike viewing experience by adding depth to the image, offering an accurate representation of product size and space.

Better Product Comprehension

Understanding a product may get tricky while browsing online with limited access to essential product information. With an interactive explorer, customers are offered various features such as information hotspots, annotations, etc., which assist them in better comprehending the product.

Elevated Customer Satisfaction

Image representation of elevated customer satisfaction
Image representation of elevated customer satisfaction

By providing a more engaging and interactive viewing experience, customers are more likely to have a positive perception of the product and the brand. Incorporating a simulated environment into your virtual showroom ensures customers can interactively engage with your products in a realistic manner. The convenience and clarity that comes with demonstrating your products in 3D format can heighten customer satisfaction.

Which Brands Are Leveraging 3D Product Explorers?

Everybody wants to stay ahead of their competition and quickly implement essential solutions to enhance their product presentation techniques. Here are a few brands using the full potential of a product viewer.


Grundfos is a maker of industrial pumps. They upgraded their online product presentation with a 3D display option in their virtual showrooms to simplify complex products with annotation and in-depth viewing. With this, the brand aimed to give its customers an extraordinary product view. Furthermore, this interactive product explorer allowed consumers to explore products in an engaging and 3D-simulated environment.


Merck is a pharmaceutical company that used the effectiveness of 3D-enabled product depiction to improve the overall consumer experience. They achieved this by uniquely portraying their products with the help of product demos. This improved visitors' product engagement experience by enabling them to view the products in 3D and holding their attention for a longer period of time.


Danfoss is an engineering company that manufactures high-pressure pumps, builds climate management solutions and more. They wanted to ensure customers understood their products thoroughly and knew how they function by providing precise three-dimensional products. This helped the company to successfully create an interactive environment, boosting customers’ product understanding and experience.

Which Features of 3D Product Configurators Enhance User Experience?

We often like a product but wish we could get the exact piece in a different texture or colour. Inculcating the power of product visualisation converts this desire into reality for all its users. Not to mention, it offers multiple unique features, which have been explained below:

Real-time Customisation

A user can experiment with the original version of the product and give it a different look and feel as per their needs. This is possible with the help of product configurators as it enables customers to choose different materials, designs and more in real-time. Furthermore, real-time personalisation can assist buyers in understanding various models of similar products better to make an informed purchase.

Price Calculations

Real-time personalisation enables customers to modify and experiment with different looks of a product. However, a different colour, texture, material, or design may increase or decrease the price. Therefore, the product customisation tool enables customers to get a precise idea of the product cost with customisations. This leads to increased customer satisfaction.

Measurement Check

Representation image of a 3D measurement checker
Representation image of a 3D measurement checker 

Tools like product visualisation can be used in virtual showrooms to enhance product portrayal. Moreover, the configurator's ability to offer measurement checks and sizes is an added feature that elevates the customer’s overall engagement. Apart from that, it hugely enhances the product presentation and experience by enabling customers to virtually try out the product.

What Benefits Do 3D Product Configurators Provide for Your Virtual Showrooms?

Apart from its intriguing features, there are various benefits of showcasing products interestingly with product configurators.

More Options

Elevating customer satisfaction is an integral part of establishing brand credibility and trust. Additionally, customers want to choose from various options before purchasing the products. To fulfil this requirement, businesses are leveraging the power of product visualisation. Due to this tool’s live personalisation feature, users are enabled with more options to meet their product needs better.

Personalised Experiences

With the vast number of choices available, it has become more crucial than ever to ensure your product presentation stands out and makes a difference. A product customisation tool enables customers to understand available choices, pricing and make decisions based on their varied preferences. With a personalised experience, they also feel more seen and heard and relate to your brand better.

Higher Sales

Image representation of higher sales
Image representation of higher sales

It is essential for customers to understand the product and see if it matches what they are looking for according to their convenience. A configurator enables customers to engage and interact with the product in multiple ways. This creates a sense of ownership in users, encouraging them to make the purchase. Ultimately, it results in an increase in sales and helps businesses to become more profitable.

Which Brands Have Successfully Integrated 3D Product Configurators?

A product visualisation tool has various benefits. Here are a few brands from the diverse category that use 3D configurators to their fullest potential.


Ikea is a famous brand that manufactures and sells ready-to-assemble types of furniture, beautiful home decor, kitchen appliances and more. They have incorporated the product visualisation aspect to help their users visualise and comprehend their products better. It enables users to reimagine their space with Ikea products and understand which product would suit their homes best.


Nike is an American footwear company. They manufacture, market and sell footwear, accessories and more. Nike makes the most of product visualisation tools to assist its potential buyers with more choices. Customers can tailor various components of the shoe to match their needs. This gives Nike an edge over its competitors and gives users an elevated product experience.


Rolex is a Swiss watch brand that manufactures and sells luxury watches. They let their consumers experiment with a few components of the watch to enhance their shopping experience. Buyers can alter the product version from changing the watch colours to adding diamonds to it and more with the help of configurations.


Unique product portrayal can undoubtedly elevate a customer’s product experience. Adding features like a three-dimensional product explorer and configurator to virtual showrooms can help you get an edge over your competition. Exhibit 360 helps brands and businesses like yours to create digital experiences that will take your product portrayal a notch higher. To learn more about our services, get in touch with us today!

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