Here’s Why Your Brand Needs a 3D Product Configurator

3D Solutions | 03 Jan, 2023 | 7 min read

Lynstel Fernandes

Lynstel Fernandes

Representation of a 3D bike configurator

Every brand and business needs to stay on top of providing an impeccable product experience. Additionally, the latest developments in technology are assisting businesses in elevating their product portrayal practices. Now, businesses can move one step ahead of static image product representation by showcasing their products in three-dimensional immersive ways. A 3D product view can make all the difference, and enabling customers to be a part of the product customisation can do even more. This is possible with the help of 3D product configurators. These tools not only help brands to set themselves apart from their competitors but also contribute to higher customer satisfaction.

Understanding 3D Product Configurators

Interactive three-dimensional product configurators are modern online tools that allow consumers to create and personalise their desired product needs. This new-age tool enables your audiences to check every possible version of the product by personalising the colour, components and more. In addition to customisation, it also offers unique, in-depth product viewing that enables users to zoom in, annotate and check the product from all angles.

Let’s explore what else interactive product visualisation brings to the table with its enticing features.

Unique Features of Product Configurators

3D product visualisation provides various distinctive features that make it a must-use tool. A few of its features include real-time 3D rendering, price calculation and more.

Real-Time 3D Rendering

Today, customers love being spoilt for choice. Interactive 3D model visualisation allows you to pander to the buyers’ various needs and choices by enabling them to make real-time updates on the product. Customers can select and browse through various product aspects such as texture, style, design, and more, giving a realistic look and feel to the product.

Price Calculation

3D Configuration with price calculation of a chair
3D Configuration with price calculation of a chair

The quality, look and feel of every product is different. While giving the freedom of choosing and personalising their products, this immersive 3D experience provides users with accurate pricing. The product pricing may differ depending on the material, design, colours, and more. However, the ability to showcase the exact pricing for each version of the product aids consumers with more informed buying decisions.

E-Commerce Integrations

E-commerce brings lots of opportunities for brands to make the most of product configurators. Therefore, integrating this powerful tool can be essential. Once the customer has analysed the product using 3D product visualisation, they can exit the e-commerce platform as they have tailored and personalised the products according to their requirements. Additionally, this integration can lead to faster checkouts.

With such eye-catchy features provided by a 3D configurator, multiple brands have jumped on board to leverage 3D model visualisation for their products.

Brands Using 3D Product Visualisation

Both B2B and B2C brands across industries are using product visualisation tools to their maximum potential. Let’s see how this tool has benefitted them.


Owning a unique item defines luxury more than anything else, and a 3D model visualisation gives you exactly that. It enables users to explore from a variety of channels and become fully immersed in the world of fashionable designs. For example, Pandora, which manufactures jewellery, bracelets, pendants and more, has inculcated the power of configurators into their website to allow buyers to customise jewellery pieces. By offering multiple options to give their jewellery a distinctive look, the brand enables users to choose from various metals like silver, gold, and gemstones up to one carat per piece. Pandora’s configurator enables its customers to gain a more individualised buying experience. Additionally, it lets consumers have full control over every area of customisation, including stone sizes and colour choices.


Users can use car configurators to alter the designs of their vehicles and automobiles. It enables them to experiment with the designs of the wheels, exhausts, mirrors, tints, paints, seat covers and more. One such brand in the automobile industry experiencing the charm of a configurator is Tesla. The brand disrupts traditional ways of designing their models. They do so by encouraging their potential targets to alter the existing designs into something they envision. Furthermore, the phenomenon of this personalisation successfully reduces the gap between the brand and the potential buyer.


Interactive 3D visualisation gives potential buyers a better concept of how a certain product will appear in their homes than a simple photograph could ever portray. Moreover, a customer would appreciate the concept of 3D model visualisation, especially when it comes to buying furniture to make their space look more lively. Brands in this industry are thus using this tool to give their customers a great shopping experience. One such brand is Steelcase, which provides a range of furniture, among other things. Their product configurator allows customers the freedom to personalise their products in terms of design, colours, product sizes and more. Additionally, it enables a buyer to zoom in and get a comprehensive look for a better product understanding.


Sapphire is a leading provider and installer of rigid balconies for residencies, high-rise projects and more. They leveraged this modern tool to provide architects with the assurance to include its unique parametric balconies into their designs by bringing them to life in real-time. This interactive configurator allowed them to design various aspects of the balcony, such as the colour, shape, size, height and more.


Terma is a renowned manufacturer of radiators. They offer over 100 models of immersion heaters and radiators that can be visualised in various versions using the power of 3D product configurators. The innovative technology lets their clients envision and design their desired product colours, sizes and more in multiple versions. In addition, product visualisation assists Terma in distinguishing itself from the competition by offering a rich customer experience.

These are a few examples of brands from different industries adding the X-factor of product visualisation to their consumer experience and ensuring higher brand recall and conversions.

Why Your Brand Needs a 3D Product Configurator

If you want to compete with the top brands in your industry, providing the ultimate consumer experience should be your key objective. Here are a few reasons why a product configurator can help you with that.

Product Visualisation

3D Product configurator visualisation for glove
3D Product configurator visualisation for glove

Today, businesses are presenting their products in an exceptionally unique manner. The addition of 3D model visualisation will allow potential buyers to envision and customise their products as per their needs. They can experience continuous product viewing in complete 360° immersive axes of navigation. This enables them to view every aspect of their products in their shopping or browsing stage. Additionally, in contrast to simple 2D static images and videos, 3D images in a visual configurator give a considerably more engaging and interactive experience.

Higher Confidence in Customers

Potential buyers may be hesitant to place an order if they cannot view the product in its complete and accurate representation. Therefore, brands can display accurate 3D product visuals that properly showcase their products and their alternatives by using a dependable 3D product configuration solution. Customers are more likely to complete their purchase if they can plainly view the goods and interact with them. Furthermore, this engaging interaction instils trust and confidence in customers.

Higher Conversions

Representation of higher conversions
Representation of higher conversions

Product personalisation can provide buyers with a memorable customer. This is because it allows them to customise as many product aspects as possible, depending on their requirements. This enables them to get involved in the making of their product. Furthermore, customised goods provide customers with a sense of ownership, which further strengthens their purchase decision. This rich experience enhances the entire buying process, resulting in high conversions.

To Conclude

Offering a unique way to not just showcase your products but also enable customers to engage with them can be highly beneficial to your brand. A 3D product configurator brings the possibility of allowing users to design and customise their products. Furthermore, this article unravelled an in-depth look at 3D product configuration with its multiple features, benefits and various brands using this modern tool. Elevate your brand's approach to product portrayal with 3D product configuration solutions. To find out more about this interactive visualisation tool, get in touch with us now.

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