How Product Customisation is Elevating Customer Experience

3D Solutions | 16 Jan, 2023 | 7 min read

Nitin Pai

Nitin Pai

Image representation of product customisation of a car

In a competitive world, buyers are often spoilt for choice and establishing dominance in your industry can be overwhelming. To stay assertive, brands and businesses need to ensure that they provide exceptional customer experiences. This enables them to shine through in staying relevant and credible among tough competition. Moreover, to really impress your customers, you need to experiment with new ways of showcasing your brand and reaching your audiences. One way to do so can be by inculcating a unique product portrayal coupled with outstanding customer interaction services. This is possible with product customisation. 3D personalisation with the assistance of a product configurator can do wonders to elevate customer satisfaction, among other things, for your brand.

Importance of Excellent Product Experience

Leveraging the power of storytelling can help you set a favourable image in the minds of your target audience. To implement this, you can make the most of online tools such as a product configurator. Here’s why it’s worth investing in an excellent product experience for your brand:

Detailed Product View

Image Source:
Image Source: Royal Enfield

Customers want to get a thorough view of the product regardless of the shopping mode they choose. However, unlike physical modes of buying, a person faces numerous challenges in understanding a product while shopping online. So brands tend to tap into the power of virtual possibilities in a way that customers interact with the product and learn everything they need to know before making a purchase. A configurator tool enables customers to get an immersive 360-degree view of the product and not miss out on any product angles or related information.

Better Product Comprehension

Apart from offering detailed product views for B2C businesses, this powerful online software also offers better product comprehension for B2B products. When businesses get to explore your products through a configurator, understanding them becomes much easier, especially when viewing complex products online. Similarly, your customers can customise various aspects of the products and understand better which version suits their needs the best.

Informed Decision-Making

When it comes to certain products, buyers tend to be skeptical about buying online as they feel they do not have all the information needed to make the purchase. However, technological development has made it easier to view and understand products online. Tools like a 3D product configurator offer various features for potential consumers toward in-depth viewing, knowing the product better and tailoring it the way they want to across various options. This eases a customer’s skepticism and helps them make better buying decisions.

How Product Configurators Enable Product Customisation

Immersive 3D product personalisation enables customers to design and tailor the exact products they envision. It offers them a comprehensive view of all the possible versions of their desired products. With the help of this cutting-edge technology, buyers can visualise product colour, components, texture, style and more. Furthermore, this form of product personalisation brings with it the capacity for people to annotate, inspect the goods from all sides and more. Furthermore, 3D product configurators can be used online or as standalone software applications.

Benefits of 3D Product Configuration

The best possible customer experience should be your main goal if you want to compete with leading companies and stay relevant in the market. Below are a few 3D product personalisation benefits that elevate customer satisfaction.

Offers Customer Delight

Image representation of customer delight
Image representation of customer delight

Ensuring customer experiences is vital in dictating a buyer's journey with your brand.  A 360-degree view of the product with various personalisation features can help achieve that. Additionally, it allows buyers to track the expense of their tailored design with 3D model visualisation. Customers may be able to manage what they pay for and make adjustments as necessary during the entire purchasing process. This is made possible by the many available design options and customisations. This level of product experience boosts customer delight to a great extent.

Enhances Customer Loyalty

Customers are more inclined to avail of your services again if they can customise a product to fit their tastes and budget. There is no denying that client loyalty can result from customer satisfaction. And what better way to provide it than to incorporate product personalisation tools? In addition, buyers are more likely to refer your products to their connections if they are pleased with the service they have received. This procedure may initiate a domino effect resulting in increased profit margins along with customer loyalty.

Higher Conversions

Buyers will feel more connected to your brand and the product when they are engagingly involved in the buying process. Product visualisation can make this happen by bringing a uniquely interactive shopping experience, with the capability to customise a product’s variations as per consumers’ liking. Personalising products gives the customer a sense of ownership, which motivates the final purchase and results in higher conversions for your brand.

Saves Valuable Resources

3D product visualisation enables both consumers and manufacturers to learn what buyers prefer. This understanding of customer preference may initiate new and unique product launches in the market. Additionally, it can vastly assist your brand in standing out from your competitors. Allowing customers to visualise their products may provide insights for your business to tailor the needed modifications and assess your product performance accordingly. You can examine the poorly performing features or options, and eventually eliminate them from the inventory to save you both time and money.

Features of a 3D Product Configurator

From material picker to measurement and fit check, 3D model visualisation has multiple striking features to provide the best product experience.

Material Picker

Configurator tools enable buyers to choose the type of material, designs, textures and more for your product as per their needs. This way, you can offer a number of varied versions of similar products. Additionally, the detailed viewing feature in the configurator helps them understand which material will suit their product requirements better.

Price Calculation

While personalisation gives customers the liberty to design their products freely, these changed product aspects can impact the pricing as well. The realistic 3D experience gives users the ability to select and customise their products while offering them precise prices. Displaying the exact costs for each product variant helps customers make better purchasing decisions and boosts customer happiness.

Real-Time Visualisation

Image representation of real-time visualisation of a watch
Image representation of real-time visualisation of a watch

A product configurator unlocks the feature of real-time visualisation. This enables buyers to re-imagine the existing products and tailor them in real-time to match their requirements better. It also concurrently displays the varying pricing instantaneously as and when a buyer customises the product. This results in the delivery of elevated buying convenience and the ultimate shopping experience.

Measurement Check

Often, people worry that the product they purchased online will be the wrong size when it finally arrives. A product configurator eliminates this worry with the help of augmented reality, which allows consumers to try products out virtually. This gives them a unique product and customer experience and helps them make an informed buying decision.


Product customisation methods are undoubtedly boosting customer experience. Enabling this modern tool into your virtual mediums (website, digital showroom, etc.) will help you present your products and, by extension, your brand appealingly. A 3D product configurator brings various virtual possibilities to help you stay relevant in this competitive market. Additionally, this innovative web solution could entirely revolutionise buying and selling products for both B2B and B2C industries. So it’s time to embrace technological innovation and enhance customer satisfaction with 3D configurators. Contact us today to learn more about this interactive solution.

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