How to Create a Virtual Showroom

3D Solutions | 20 Oct, 2022 | 4 min read

Lynstel Fernandes

Lynstel Fernandes

Jacob's virtual experience platform

Ready to add a fresh new approach to your business for wider reach?  A virtual showroom most certainly can help you up your game! Convert your customers into loyal patrons with a convenient and seamless shopping experience that has global accessibility. Create a branded and simulated environment to showcase your products and services in-depth. This will keep your customers intrigued and interested to know more about your product offerings with clarity. Stand out in the digital marketplace with innovative and creative ways to connect with your target audience.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when creating your digital showroom.

Virtual Experience Platforms for Your Brand

The process of leveraging a virtual experience platform is ever-evolving based on a business’ needs and requirements. It is important to take all business aspects into account when creating your branded 3D environment. Utilise all of the features that are relevant to building an interactive and immersive experience for your customers. Digital showrooms are an excellent way to gain firsthand knowledge about your customers' behaviour, preferences and tastes. Based on the detailed analytics available adapt and cater mindfully to the requisites of your customers. Reap the maximum benefits of your virtual store being accessible across all devices at any time from anywhere to rapidly scale your business. Whether you are a B2B or B2C business impress your customers by adding visual appeal to your product representation strategy.

Steps to Create a Virtual Showroom

3D virtual experience centres can be a game changer when it comes to increasing your brand recall and boosting sales. Ensure that you go about optimising it to live up to its full potential by following these steps:

1. Define Your Objective

Firstly you need to start off by defining your objective and what purpose will your digital showroom serve. Is it to effectively demonstrate your products, build brand awareness or perhaps lock your customer’s attention and retain it ? Whatever it may be, clarity is important on this front. According to this, customise your virtual store and gradually build one that provides a rich customer experience that converts your audience.

2. Identify the Products and Services to Display

Product display for Jacob's virtual showroom
Product display for Jacob's virtual showroom

The next stage is to know which products and services to demonstrate for your audiences to experience and interact with immersively. Do you want to display all your products or only a specific category? While any industry can benefit from a digital showroom, highlighting the right products under a defined product category can be more meaningful for your customers. It can make it a lot more easier for your customers to browse through and check out.

3. Showcase Product Information

Representation of product-related information for Jacob's products
Representation of product-related information for Jacob's products

Once you are done identifying which product to display or showcase, it is vital to shortlist correct and significant product information, such as product descriptions, features and other benefits that may be important for the customer to know while visiting the showroom. This will give them a comprehensive insight into your product that ultimately influences an informed buying decision.

4. Identify Tools to Integrate

It is essential to identify existing and relevant tools and channels to integrate with your digital showroom. Tools such as CRM, ERP, CDP, e-store, social media and more can be included to increase sales, product and brand awareness. Make links to your social media accounts, websites, etc., accessible to your customers by integrating them with your showroom.

5. Pick the Right Design and Execution Partner

Determine the layout and organization of your virtual experience centre, including the placement of products, interactive features, and navigation. A seamless virtual experience that helps customers understand the product just as they would in a physical showroom or even better, makes having a virtual store worth it. Therefore, picking the right partner to build it in the most well-thought-out way is necessary.


Businesses are actively embracing new modes of reaching out to potential customers by analysing their purchasing patterns. Thus, virtual showrooms have a significant likelihood of influencing people’s opinions of your brand or more specifically, their impression of it. This could work in your favor to provide you with the necessary support and an advantage over your competitors. Especially when combined with the correct amount of innovation and creativity; digital showrooms can immensely assist you in effectively promoting your brand and products. Exhibit 360 helps businesses in creating one that is unique and that best suits their requirements. Contact us to explore virtual opportunities for your brand.

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