Is a Virtual Showroom a Good Idea?

Industry Trends | 05 Nov, 2022 | 3 min read

Lynstel Fernandes

Lynstel Fernandes

Virtual showroom created for Merck

With tremendous technological growth, people's buying behaviours have rapidly shed old skin. Encouraged by this development of changing behaviours, the introduction of virtual showrooms is one of the best illustrations of technological advancement. Imagine travelling to your preferred showroom anytime and anywhere in the world. Does it sound unrealistic? All thanks to advanced technology, it is now possible virtually. This benefits both brands and customers in powerful ways by yielding excellent results in terms of marketing and sales.

These 360-degree immersive venues offer their audience 3D product displays and an engaging brand experience. In essence, digital showrooms are fully functional 3D digital simulations of real-world environments with product replicas and interactive features. They can be a game-changer for businesses trying to increase their brand recall by showcasing their products in a branded 3D environment. It can also be a productive investment to stay competitive improving user convenience and cost-effectivity.

Why Virtual Showrooms Can Be a Great Investment

Virtual experience platforms can positively impact businesses and bring enormous benefits. This can be just what brands and businesses need to adjust to the digital transformation to boost their online visibility.

1. Unique Product Representation

Product display on Merck's virtual experience platform
Product display on Merck's virtual experience platform

A virtual experience centre can assist brands in showcasing their products in an immersive 360-degree environment. Their potential allows businesses to present their products in a unique, detailed manner online. This comprehensive product representation can be essential for customers to view products without missing out on any product-related information. It ultimately results in an assured buying decision.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Most businesses’ primary goal is to maximise profitability. And being cost-effective in their business operations significantly helps them achieve it. Virtual experience platforms can help cost-conscious businesses in the long run as a physical showroom involves considerable upkeep expenses. In comparison, digital showrooms can be set up quickly and are cheaper and more convenient making them a viable investment.

3. Global Audience

Investing in virtual experience platforms can break significant barriers that a physical showroom cannot, which is the ability to reach a global audience. This advantage can offer brands a robust online presence to reach a global audience, given that a digital showroom is accessible worldwide. The increase in reach will have a positive impact when it comes to attracting and garnering international leads.

4. User Convenience

The ease of accessibility translates into maximised user convenience. It breaks the hurdle of time zones and locations that cannot be excluded in terms of a physical showroom. These constraints can often get in the way of customers making purchases. It can ultimately cause a business to miss out on opportunities for lead conversions. With a virtual experience centre, your customers can browse through your products at leisure.

To conclude

Businesses will always thrive if they are adaptive enough to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and customer needs. Hopping on to this digital trend of building a virtual showroom for your brand can benefit your business in more ways than one. The points unravelled in this blog as to why creating and investing in it is a good idea is just the beginning. Contact us to learn more and explore the realm of possibilities that digital experiences open.

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