When Does a Virtual Showroom Work And When Does It Not

3D Solutions | 30 Oct, 2022 | 4 min read

Navin Chandwani

Navin Chandwani

Virtual showroom for Grundfos Smart Factory products

Internet and smartphones have transformed the business landscape. They allow millions of individuals to learn about your goods or services in a matter of seconds. Today, every brand needs to have a digital presence if they want to remain competitive; so as to not get lost in the crowd. Having a solid digital presence via a virtual showroom, fueled by 3D product animations, is currently acting as one of the most valuable means through which companies connect with their clients in this digital age.

It is a new and experimental technology solution that enables brands and consumers to interact and transact virtually. Businesses can showcase their products in a visually pleasing, 3D environment without missing any product-related information.

Even though digital showrooms are the new marketing trend that all businesses must make the most of, it is crucial to know when it works for you and when it doesn’t.

When Does a Virtual Experience Platform Work?

Many aspects of virtual experience centres make them an attractive solution for businesses to up their selling game. However, knowing when they work can help businesses understand if they need to set one up for their brand or business.

1. Unique Virtual Experience

In this internet-dominated era, almost every potential customer is browsing online and interacting with their favourite brands. Why not make their time worthwhile by providing them with a unique virtual experience? This is where leveraging a digital showroom is beneficial and relevant. It provides you with the opportunity to be exceptional in your approach towards user engagement. It grants your target audience the convenience of accessing your showroom from any location at leisure across devices. They can interact with products in an immersive 3D environment to their satisfaction.

2. Detailed Product View

Danfoss detailed product viewing with related information
Danfoss detailed product viewing with related information

Showcasing your products in a 360-degree immersive environment allows for detailed product viewing. Customers can zoom in and out and rotate the product to view it from all angles. Enabling 3D explorers also provide deeper insights into the product functionality and features. Therefore, your audience is able to fully comprehend all aspects and capabilities of your product virtually.

3. Attract Customers’ Attention

Setting up a virtual experience platform will immensely benefit your brand in captivating customers’ attention and retaining it. The attractive 3D visuals plant the urge in your audience to further explore your product display and offerings. They can visit whichever section or location of the showroom they want to see using clickable hotspots. This set up works in your favour as it prompts your customers to spend more time interacting with your products.  

When Does a Virtual Experience Platform Not Work

There are various reasons why creating a digital showroom will make sense; however, there are a few times when setting one up for your business will not. Knowing when a virtual showroom might not be the best idea is equally important.

1. Generic Product

You must reconsider setting one up if your product is too basic or generic to be presented in a 3D simulated environment. The attributes of a generic product may not engage or attract customers in a virtual space. For example, you want to showcase raw materials used in the preparation of generic drugs. In such a case, it might not be the best option for you.

2. Lack of Clear Objective

Building a virtual experience centre without a proper objective prevents your business in making the most of this digital opportunity. Thus, before you set one up, it is essential you define your objectives and what business marketing outcomes you wish to accomplish.

3. Constrained Environment

After defining your clear business objectives, ensure your digital showroom is customised as per your business needs. Including the appropriate features will ensure your audience is engaged. Creating a virtual space for your brand only to fill it with just one product offering won’t make much difference, and beats the purpose. Reach out to the right partner and explore the virtual experience opportunities your brand can leverage.  

To conclude

A virtual showroom has the potential for businesses to showcase their products to almost anyone in a 3D immersive environment. However, it’s essential to know how setting one up can work for your brand. Contact us to learn more about their potential to benefit your business.

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