Virtual Showrooms Can Keep Bringing Your Customers Back

3D Solutions | 06 Feb, 2023 | 7 min read

Prashant Chandwani

Prashant Chandwani

Virtual Showroom for Wago

Which business would not want to see its customers return? Everybody wants to make a customer happy, so they keep coming back again and again. Enhancing products and services can ultimately give brands and businesses repeat buyers and increased loyalty. There are a lot of ways through which companies can elevate their consumer experience to achieve consumer loyalty. One way is to utilise technology in the digital space enabling brands to reach their audiences easily. They can expand their presence by incorporating virtual showrooms. In addition, it also assists brands in showcasing their products in engaging ways.

What Is a Virtual or a Digital Showroom?

A virtual store or showroom is a digital space where viewers can interact with their desired products. Digital showrooms provide brands with a platform to leverage the power of technology to elevate their product offering experiences.

Creating exciting virtual experiences for consumers via virtual experience platforms can be vital to gain an edge over one’s competition. In addition, it can also prove extremely valuable for both the brand and the buyer. It assists companies in enhancing customer convenience, which can ultimately be their most significant asset in bringing their consumers back.

On average, a customer may spend almost eight times longer in a virtual showroom than on a traditional website. In addition, a virtual environment increases retention and repeat visits by 70%. This means customers appreciate coming back to an engaging space where they can interact with products in a virtual setting.

Digital showrooms help companies stand out with features promoting exceptional customer service. We will dive deeper into these features and benefits to understand how a virtual showroom can convert your one-time customers into repeat buyers.

What Are the Features and Benefits of Virtual Showrooms?

Businesses need to offer services that ease and make customers’ buying journey more engaging and convenient. Virtual experience platforms have features that can provide optimal usage for businesses and customers. Let’s explore them in detail below.

Flexible Chat Assistance

Virtual showrooms provide 24/7 chat assistance to customers in resolving their queries eliminating time restrictions or waiting periods for the same. This feature elevates the customer experience by giving quick inputs, which can increase customer satisfaction.

According to research by Salesforce, about 89% of buyers make another purchase after experiencing a positive service. Providing prompt query addressal and resolutions can boost trust among customers encouraging frequent purchases from your brand.

Higher Accessibility

Virtual experience platforms have open access via the internet and can enable your company to showcase products to a wider audience. This is a great way for brands to expand their online presence to positively impact their business outcomes. They can tap and influence bigger and global markets without the need for physical stores.

These virtual stores can be accessed by potential customers from any device, anywhere at any time breaking the constraints of location and time. This elevates customer convenience by allowing them flexible opportunities to visit the virtual platform.

Detailed Analytics

To ensure customers make repeated purchases, having analytic data is essential to study your customers’ behaviour. Digital showrooms can provide businesses with detailed analytics based on the consumer’s purchasing and visiting patterns.

This will help brands to understand the needs of their clientele better. They can also leverage their analytics to make more robust action plans for the future that benefit both the business and their target audiences.

Leveraging the use of digital showrooms can boost brand awareness by almost five times. It also encourages satisfied customers to spread the word and promote it voluntarily on their social media platforms or by word of mouth.

What Are Virtual Showrooms’ Add-On Services and Their Features?

To enhance and optimise the functionality of your virtual experience platform you can include add-on services such as 3D product explorers and configurators. While you can avail of these services independently, using them collectively can revolutionise your customer experience. Here’s what you need to learn about these services and their features:

3D Product Explorers

One of the two add-on services that an online showroom space offers is 3D product explorers. Customers may have queries looking at a static image, but a 3D product explorer enables consumers to get an exploded view of the product. This highly elevates the product viewing experience.

Businesses can leverage a product explorer to enable customers to explore a product in a virtual environment. In addition, product explorers help brands with:

Detailed Product Viewing

When a buyer is unable to understand a product or finds it confusing, they may often hesitate to shop online. This issue can be tackled with a 3D explorer which assists customers in viewing all parts of the product in great detail. Customers can view products in 360 degrees and rotate them at different angles. Apart from this, it also enables viewers to have a sneak peek into the internal product parts, giving them a better product comprehension of all its components.

Providing Context

With the assistance of 3D product demos, businesses can provide detailed insights by giving more context. Brands can add supporting materials like business case studies, use cases, technical data and more to assist consumers in better gauging the product or service.

Gamified Elements

Gamification implemented in Mobil's Lube Cafe virtual showroom
Gamification implemented in Mobil's Lube Cafe virtual showroom

Gamification can simplify complicated product functionalities in an entertaining manner while educating your audience about your product. It can benefit businesses by creating a stimulating environment, which lets buyers interact with the products uniquely.

Product Simulation

Brands and businesses can simplify complex products for their customers. They can do so by explaining products better by simulating workflow, annotating, and highlighting the product’s key features.

3D Product Configurators

A 3D product configurator is another service that allows customers to visualise and personalise products according to their needs. It is often challenging for brands to showcase their products in multiple colours, patterns, styles and materials in an exciting manner.

A 3D product configurator assists customers in tailoring your products and visualising them from the comfort of their homes. Almost 80% of buyers prefer purchasing products from brands that offer personalised experiences. Here are some notable offerings of 3D product configuration:

Real-Time Visualisation

Product visualisation enables customers to make real-time alterations or customisations. It allows customers to choose from different materials, designs, colours and more. Additionally, personalising a product gives buyers a sense of ownership that leads to more purchases.

Price Calculations

A product configurator allows customers to create their product version by customising specific product components. However, some designs or materials may vary in terms of pricing. Therefore, this add-on service lets customers view pricing based on their customisation.

Measurement Check

Customers often need help with sizes while browsing online. A 3D product visualisation tool also allows buyers to check the measurements and sizes. It enables people to virtually try the product before making a purchase.

E-Commerce Integration

Brands and businesses can make the most of this tool with e-commerce integration. This integration will allow their customers to directly confirm checkout after the complete personalisation is done.


Virtual showrooms can enhance customers’ buying journeys by providing greater customer convenience, elevated product interaction, easy product understanding and more. It can boost the buyer’s product understanding, with its add-on services like 3D product explorers and configurators. It can lead to better-informed and assured buying decisions. Virtual showrooms also encourage repeat visitors, ensuring your customers keep coming back. Exhibit 360 can assist your brand by developing a virtual experience centre tailored to your specific requirements and needs. To understand our services better, reach out to us today!

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