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Boosts in sales over conventional methods


Consumers prefer interactive 3D models over videos


Consumers are more likely to purchase when brands offer personalised experiences

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The Easiest Way to Involve Your Customers and Shorten Sales Cycles

3D product configurators are a game-changer for sales. With its immersive interface, customers can now effortlessly customise and visualise complex products, enhancing their overall buying experience and improving customer experience.

This powerful tool empowers sales teams to effectively demonstrate product variations, eliminating ambiguity and streamlining the sales process.

A 3D configurator also empowers sales reps to approach potential customers with confidence and provide them with an interactive shopping experience.


Rich Customer Experience

3D Visualisers give customers the liberty to personalise each aspect of the product. This differentiated experience sets your brand apart.


Higher Conversions

3D product configurators get customers involved in the process. Customised products create a sense of ownership for the customers, encouraging purchases.


Lower Cost of Sales

Customers get clarity with 3D visuals and they know what to expect before they order. It reduces back and forth and returns, thus saving costs.

Why You Need Exhibit-360's 3D Product Configurator

Expand Your Product Portfolio:

  • Use 3D models of all your customisable products
  • Offer infinite number of product variations to choose from
  • Get insight into customer preferences, trends, and behaviour

Pave the way for sales:

  • Say goodbye to time-consuming explanations with detailed component level explainers
  • Empower sales reps by highlighting specific functionalities
  • Streamline sales process by attaching contextual downloadables

Build a Unique User Experience For Your Potential Customers

Full spectrum of product customisation

Exhibit 360’s product configurator is feature-rich to enhance customer experience at every touchpoint

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Real-time 3D Rendering

Comprehensive visualisation of the product where customers can make real-time updates in terms of colours and designs, giving a realistic look and feel

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Price Calculation

Real time price calculation provides customers with accurate cost based on the materials they’ve chosen, aiding their buying decision

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Customised UI and Flows

Our 3D product configurators offer complete flexibility to the application and offer UI elements that fits your brand guide

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Measure and Fit Check

Offers the ability to check measurements and sizes. AR enables the customer to virtually ‘try out’ exactly what they are purchasing

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E-commerce Ready

Enable your customers to purchase the products on completion of the configuration. Faster checkouts with e-commerce integrations

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Material Picker

Freedom to pick the type of material, textures, designs as per their needs, giving them a detailed view and better understanding

What Our Clients Say About Us


What is a 3D Product Configurator?

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A 3D product configurator is an interactive tool for customers that allows them to customise your product and personalise it to meet their specific needs.

Why should you invest in a 3D Product Configurator?

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A 360-degree configurator draws the attention of customers, prompting them to closely examine and explore your product range

Customers spend extended time viewing and personalising the products
Aids towards making a purchase.
It is a marketing advancement tool

How to boost sales with a 3D configurator?

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Enabling buyer autonomy via customisation and optimising their digital shopping experiences can translate to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Is the 3D product configurator only for customers? What are the other use cases?

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The use of 3D product configurators aren’t limited to customers alone but also businesses. Industries that use 3D product configurators give their consumers the ability to configure and view their entire range of products.

Additionally, it shows buyers how a product appears within the context of real-world settings. This enables customers to add specifications in real-time and see the overall cost update. It instills a sense of ownership in the customer, facilitating decision-making leading them to make purchase decisions.

Who is the owner of my content and assets?

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You would be the owner of your content and assets, we would be maintaining the application from our end.

How long does it take to design 3D product configurator ?

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It takes about 4-6 weeks. However, it is important to take into account that the scope of the project will have a direct impact on the overall timeline.

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