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Customers feel that 3D products demos aids their discovery and help them to understand the products better


Times customers can establish a deeper connection with the product capabilities and functionalities


Increased brand recall, share-worthy and enjoyable content

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Deliver Unparalleled Product Experience

Allow customers to experience the full potential of your products with our interactive 3D product demos. Generate qualified leads, accelerate sales cycles, and save time with dynamic 3D models that eliminate repetitive explanations.

Empower customers to explore products from every angle, zoom in for close-up details, and interact with your offerings.

Let our 3D demos engage your customers like never before.


Elevated Customer Experience

Engage customers through interactive 3D models, allowing full product interaction and unparalleled customer engagement.


Longer session time

Enhance customer engagement and brand recall with our intuitive 3D demos and visually captivating models, encouraging them to spend more time on your website.


Easy to use and explain

Empower customers with hold and spin, pinch-to-zoom, and click-to-explore features, enabling them to gain comprehensive insights about your product in an enjoyable manner.

Why 3D Product Demos are Important for Growing Your Business

Interactive Experience

  • Use 3D product demos to tell your product's story in an interactive way.
  • Bring your product to life by giving them a 360-view
  • Get into the details of your product to paint a picture that is realistic

More Than a Viewer

  • Create a holistic demonstration of your product and its offerings
  • Add essential pieces of information that complement your sales pitches
  • Combine photorealistic 3D models for a more immersive experience

Integrate Everywhere

  • Tell your product's story on every device that has your customers
  • Unveil your 3D product demos on websites, virtual showrooms, presentations, and more
  • Make your sales conversations better by integrating your 3D demos in meetings and trade shows

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How 3D Product Demos Can Increase Your Sales

Exhibit 360’s 3D product demonstrations are loaded with features that amplify your product’s USPs

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Strategic Call to Action

With a high level of engagement, you are ready to convert your customer’s interest into action. Exhibit 360 lets you plot your next steps strategically

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Interactive product tours are great for displaying your products and establishing an excellent product narrative

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Make it Playful

Create a high level of engagement by adding gamified elements and reactions to make the experience enjoyable for your customers

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Show Internal Parts

Explain complex functionalities of your product in a simplified manner with x-ray vision. This ensures your customer fully comprehends the capabilities of your product offerings

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Provide Context

With interactive product demonstrations, add supporting material, such as business cases or technical data, that provides context to your customers and gives them deeper insights

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Simulation & Visualisation

Give detailed product explainers to your customers by simulating the workflow and explain in detail with annotations highlighting key features

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What is a 3D product demo?

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A 3D product demo is a detailed product demonstration in 3D format to convey all your product-related information effectively and conveniently.

It leverages the power of 360 degree product displays, annotations, exploded views, cut sections, x-ray views and animations to simplify explanations.

What should a 3D product demo include?

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A standard 3D product demo includes the following features:

3D 360 degree rotation view
Infospot buttons with description
Zoom in and out
Downloadable content
Call to action
Intergration with your website

Additional features that can included:

AR view
Measurement ruler
Material picker
Live chats
Meeting scheduler

Can 3D products demos work on mobile and tablet devices ?

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Yes, customers have access to your 3D product demo from anywhere, at any time and across all devices.

What makes 3D product demos effective?

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3D product demos add a realistic touch to your product presentation and provide clarity to your customers, you can improve delivery with the following:

Storytelling with hotspots and annotations,
Detailed explanations with animations and cut sections,
Showcase your product facets with 3D 360 degree viewing

What are the applications of 3D product demos?

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It is effective across all sectors but holds true especially for the automotive and OEMs and manufacturing industries.

How do you boost sales with 3D product demos?

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By providing clear comprehension of your product, it speeds up your customers decision-making, builds confidence and reduces the sales cycle. Create an impactful 3D product demo that enables customers to explore all facets of your product and its functionalities. You can ensure this by providing 360 views of your product with annotations, exploded views, animations and cut sections. All of these aspects lead to a boost in sales.

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