Supercharge Your Business With Interactive 3D Experiences

Cut through the noise by tapping into digitalisation for higher business outcomes. Use attractive 3D visualisation to impress your customers and aid their decision-making. Be an industry leader by offering innovative 3D customer experiences.


An automotive virtual showroom complements your physical showroom. It can host all the models that you are unable to display in your physical showroom due to space constraints. It enables your customers to self browse and seek assistance on demand cutting your dependence and cost on human resources.

Virtual showrooms can be very helpful to overcome these limitations. Your customers can truly experience all your brand models at their convenience.

Use Cases of Virtual Car Showroom

  • Showcase all models of the brand
  • Provide 360-degree visualisation
  • Enable 3D exploring
  • Deliver unique product experience
  • Offer chat assistance
  • Accelerate buying decisions

Electric Vehicles

Display all your EV models in better lighting and in style for customers to make informed buying decisions by building a 3D EV virtual showroom. It also enables you to help your customers to view your electric vehicle's outstanding features from the comfort of their homes.


Auto OEM

Auto OEM virtual showrooms are effective in cutting costs and delighting customers with better services. Additionally, it can improve the dealerships' use of digital innovation.



Two-wheeler virtual showrooms can be effective in providing in-depth features and benefits of the product. Furthermore, it can also successfully present a 360-degree virtual product demo for its customers to better understand the product.


Commercial Vehicles

A digitalised version of a showroom for commercial vehicles can shorten the sales cycle and make buying easier for your customers. Virtual showrooms can help you expand your customer base by allowing you to cater to locations where physical showrooms are restricted.

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Luxury Retail

In this highly competitive world, luxury retailers need innovation to stand out and reach customers globally. Reaching and engaging customers beyond a physical showroom can give your brand an edge.

Use Cases of Virtual Luxury Retailing Stores

  • Reach audiences globally
  • Deliver unique product experience
  • Use the platform to launch limited editions
  • Provide real-like showroom experience
  • Offer personalisation
  • Promote sustainability through virtual samples


Build a 3D virtual showroom for selling exclusive editions of fashion accessories. Increase your chances of conversion while also providing virtual samples that make your products truly stand out.


Luxury Apparel

By using virtual showrooms for luxury apparel, you can connect with a global audience by cutting down the physical showroom norms and by giving customers a realistic showroom experience.


Luxury Jewellery

Showcase exclusive high-value jewellery using the power of virtual showrooms. Cater to your customers by providing them with a quality and innovative product experience that reflects the premium quality of your brand.


Luxury Luggage

Enable 3D exploration for all your luxury luggage in a unique way. This 3D product exploration can help you in providing unique product experiences to your customers with the assistance of virtual showrooms.

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Engineered Products

Engineered components are further assembled to build final products, and they are specifically designed and are complex in nature.

Marketing the products and explaining the functionalities and features of them also tends to be complicated. To communicate about the products innovatively and easily, virtual showrooms are the key.

Use Cases of Virtually Displayed Engineered Products

  • Simplify product communication
  • Provide remote product showcase
  • Provide 360-degree visualisation
  • Demonstrate workflow
  • Extend unique product experience
  • Accelerate product purchasing

Manufacturing Equipment

Build a 3D virtual showroom for selling exclusive editions of fashion accessories. Increase your chances of conversion while also providing virtual samples that make your products truly stand out.


Precision Engineering Products

Virtual showrooms can help display precision engineering products in a detailed way. Customers can view your product descriptions in detail, which will help simplify product usage, allowing them to make a hassle-free purchase decision.


Heavy Equipment

Virtual showrooms can assist you in showcasing your products in a 3D environment remotely. This digital showroom acts as a visual treat for your customers, preventing them from missing out on any product-related information.

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Pharma and medical equipment

Pharma and healthcare products are all about trust, quality, and credibility. A viable way for a brand to achieve this feat globally is by demonstrating products via a virtual showroom.

Including 360° models, 3D simulations and interactive tools provides a deeper understanding of the product. These simplified demos instill trustworthiness no matter how complex or microscopic the product.

Use Cases of Virtually Displayed Pharma and medical equipment

  • Simulated environment for product application context
  • 360 Degree product viewing
  • Detailed product explanation
  • Demonstrate functionalities
  • Integrate with your website

Pharmaceutical ingredients and formulations showroom

Developing life-enhancing and life-saving products is only the first step for pharma manufacturing companies. Take your healthcare products to market faster by demonstrating quality and compliance with ease to your customers using a 3D virtual pharma showroom.


Laboratory equipment virtual showroom

Highlight your pharma laboratory equipment using a digital showroom to reach a global audience. Establish credibility by using virtual replicas of your world-class manufacturing facilities and 3D models of your products as part of your pharma equipment virtual showroom.


Biomedical and biopharma equipment virtual showroom

Virtual showrooms are an ideal medium for showcasing highly sophisticated biomedical devices and biopharma equipment. By simplifying your innovative biopharma solutions through 3D product viewers and interactive visual simulations, you can educate and engage potential customers effectively to shorten your sales cycle.

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