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    of top performers say they “always” perform research before reaching out to prospects



    of B2B buyers place the same emphasis on flawless engagement as they do on product quality.



    of B2B buyers opt for independent online research over engagement with a sales representative.


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    Enhance the visitors’ ability to visualize your product with 3D product demos during the pre-sales period.



    Provide hands-on experience with realistic 3D models.



    Leverage analytical tools in the demo to track what piques your customer’s interest.

    Future-Proofing Your Brand Has Never Been Easier

    Easy steps to get a 3D Product Demo of your own:


    Define your objectives and business needs.


    We will create realistic 3D models and the demo experience.


    Integrate the 3D product demo seamlessly with all your prospecting channels.

    How Medical Device Manufacturers Benefit From 3D Product Demos


    Quicker Sales

    You can shorten the sales cycle with 3D product demos. These demos empower clients to get a clear understanding of the medical device's features.


    Omnichannel Presence

    3D product demos provide consistent presence across all platforms. From websites to presentations, the integration is swift and straightforward.



    You can showcase products at scale globally and reflect any product changes in the demo easily, be it design, features, or specifications.


    Competitive Edge

    With a 3D product demo, you can provide hands-on experience to potential buyers, increasing the likelihood of converting leads into sales.

    3D Product Demo for Medtech is Tailor-Made for

    diagnostic equipment

    Diagnostic Equipment

    surgical equipment

    Surgical Equipment

    Therapeutic equipment

    Therapeutic Equipment

    biotechnology equipment

    Biotechnology Equipment

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    Exhibit 360 transformed more than 175 products into 3D models featuring infopops and lifelike simulations. Here, visitors could engage and discover valuable insights into each product's applications.


    Can 3D product demos be customized for specific medical devices?

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    Yes, 3D product demos are highly customizable and can be used to showcase the features and functionalities of medical devices with supreme accuracy.

    Why are 3D product demos important in the medical device industry?

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    3D product demos are crucial in the medical device industry for providing realistic representations and enhancing understanding of modern innovative Medtech solutions.

    Would a 3D product demo complicate my marketing strategy?

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    No, it will help unify your message and seamlessly integrate with your hybrid omnichannel outreach.

    How does this benefit my sales?

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    This shortens your sales cycle with “smart” product demos, making decision-making simpler.

    Disclaimer: The 3D models used on this page are for illustrative purposes only and are not official representations of the brands shown. We do not claim any ownership or affiliation with the brands depicted. Ownership of the virtual product representation belong the brands carrying the trademarkThese models are intended to showcase our capabilities in creating 3D visualizations for various clients.


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