Viral Momaya

Viral Momaya

Viral Momaya is a BMS graduate from M.L.Dahanukar who specialised in Marketing. She began her career as a Business Development Executive at Exhibit 360 (formerly Blues N Coppers) but her competence in management bagged her the role of a Project Manager. She has been a part of Exhibit 360’s foundational and progressive journey since the beginning. Viral has grown alongside the company as a professional in the industry with 7+ years of expertise under her belt. As someone that enjoys watching visions come to life, she is dedicated to ideating, strategizing, mobilizing teams and executing projects for clients such as Merck, Grundfos, Evonik, Schindler, Dow and Huntsman to name a few.

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3D Solutions | 21 Sep, 2023 | 10 min read

6 Examples of Interactive Product Demos; Their Types and Examples

Test driving a car is an integral part of buying a car. Going around the corners, checking out the interiors, flipping on/off all the toggles inside. This allows you to test out what you’re buying and make a case for yourself if it’s even worth your money. An interactive product demo example is like that but on your phone or laptop. In the competitive business world, attracting and retaining customers is crucial for success. Traditional product demos might have been influential in the past, but

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3D Solutions | 25 Jun, 2023 | 11 min read

What is a Product Configurator? An In-Depth Guide

You know what is that one tool that is changing the way businesses are marketing their products? Well, have you ever heard of a product configurator? Businesses around the world are leveraging the benefits of these product configurators to meet customers’ growing desire for uniqueness and customisation. By doing so, businesses, irrespective of their size, stand out from the competition and give customers a top-notch experience. So, what are product configurators? Well, to learn more about them,

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3D Solutions | 15 Apr, 2023 | 11 min read

How 3D Product Demos & Configurators Enhance Your Marketing

The marketing world has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, which is majorly due to technological advancements and the rise of digital media. No doubt that traditional marketing strategies, such as print ads, billboards and television commercials, are still effective. However, they are limited in their reach and can be quite expensive to execute. That’s where digital marketing strategies, embedded with 3D product demos and 3D product configurators, come in. What’s the Alter

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3D Solutions | 13 Mar, 2023 | 8 min read

Virtual Stores: Get Your First Impression Right

In recent years, e-commerce has become a crucial part of the retail industry. Businesses are constantly looking for ways to deliver a personalised and immersive experience to their consumers - just as if they were in a real store. And that is exactly how this new era has started; powered by artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, virtual showrooms and more advanced technologies. There is no denying that consumers are keeping up with these trends - a study on consumer behaviour re

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3D Solutions | 13 Feb, 2023 | 8 min read

3D Product Configurators Can Transform the E-commerce World

How many times do buyers say, ‘I wish this product were available in a different colour’ while browsing online? Probably a lot more than we can think. Ordering online has its various perks, such as not leaving your comfort zone or not worrying about the time of the day. These perks encourage almost 75% of buyers to make an online purchase at least once a month. As per the Global E-Commerce Market research, the e-commerce market is expected to grow up to $62,415.2 billion by 2030, with an 11.0% i



Exhibit 360 is a solutions platform by Blues N Coppers. Exhibit 360 offers endless possibilities for brands to create interactive experiences for their customers and enable sales right from the web browser.

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