How B2B and B2C Businesses Are Leveraging 3D Product Viewing

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B2B and B2C industries using 3D product configurators

Every business has the need to thrive in this everchanging market. Therefore, businesses are adding a spark of their creativity in staying relevant and competitive. This creative flow is required to maintain the brand’s authenticity and uniqueness. Every business - whether it is B2B or B2Ccan increase its brand recall by improving what they offer. Enhancing customer experience by transforming their interactions with the brand’s products can do just that.

There are various ways to provide exceptional customer experience. One of the latest solutions is by leveraging 3D product viewingit opens various opportunities for brands to showcase their products. This elevates their product representation method and helps them stand out. Additionally, 3D product demos create an exceptional impression among the customers with an enhanced user experience. Let’s dive deeper into the power of interactive product demos.

What Is 3D Product Viewing?

An interactive 3D product explorer is a vital, innovative web solution for brands and companies. It enables their target clients to see their products in a 360-degree immersive environment in a virtual setting. This 3D-capable system also provides a full 3D view, zooming in and out choices and rotation of the product to view it from all sides. When combined with the power of AR, the 3D product viewer enhances the viewing experience even further.

What Are the Exceptional Features of Interactive Product Demos?

With the help of interactive product demonstrations, brands can offer an unparalleled product experience to customers and attendees of virtual showrooms. These are some of the robust features that make 3D product explorers a crucial solution for businesses.

Interactive Experience

With 3D demonstrations, brands can offer detailed and realistic visualisations of their products. A 3D product demo can drastically improve customer experience when they have the opportunity to learn more about a specific product's component or feature. Attendees can rotate the product 360 degrees and explore it from every angle. Additionally, annotations can be used to highlight the product USPs for the customers.

More Than a Visual Treat

3D product viewing enables brands to demonstrate their products with industry settings, so customers can see the product in action. In addition, businesses can leverage the downloadable information featureit provides user convenience with offline information viewing in augmented reality. Potential customers can download relevant information about a product for later reference or view the required info offline.

Easy Interaction

3D view equipment display with interactive application
Mobil's 3D view equipment display with an interactive application

A 3D product viewer is built for web browsers of every device - desktop, phone and tablet. Brands can integrate them on their websites, virtual showrooms and product presentations. They can be utilised during meetings and trade shows. Additionally, a great customer experience can be ensured by rapidly responding to consumer inquiries through live chat capabilities. This allows clients to ask questions about the product and get speedy query resolution.

What Are the Benefits of 3D Product Viewing?

A 360-degree product viewer can add multiple advantages to both B2B and B2C businesses. From offering detailed product viewing to increasing sales, here are a few benefits to explore.

Provides Detailed Viewing

In this 3D-enabled internet era, businesses can offer an in-depth viewing of their products. Brands must move away from outdated static product displays and toward something more engaging. An interactive product demonstration can assist consumers in viewing products in a very realistic 3D environment. This detailed viewing includes zoom-in, turn and twist options and more. Zoom-in options provide clear close-up views of any specific part of the product. Turning and twisting options enable them to spin products to see them from any angle, providing a thorough product view. As a result, an interactive product demo provides your audience with a clear comprehensive understanding of your product.

Grabs Customer Attention

Today, consumers are spoilt for choice. Anything that fails to hold a customer's attention will be ignored immediately. For businesses to create an exceptional impression, grabbing customer attention is a must. This is where a 3D product explorer comes to the rescue. The capacity of 3D product explorers to keep clients' attention for a longer time is just one of their many benefits. A customer might easily lose their focus on a static webpage. However, an interactive product display enables visitors to engage with the products. This can assist brands in keeping them on the page for a more extended period and helping them recall such products faster.

Enhances Valuable Resources

Innio's Jenbacher 2-stage turbocharged gas engine 3D viewer
Innio's Jenbacher 2-stage turbocharged gas engine 3D viewer

For any business, the two main resources are time and money. An interactive 3D product display assists organisations in saving time and increasing revenue by:

  • Removing the need to explain the product features again and again
  • Efficiently conveying the impeccable features and benefits of the products to customers
  • Giving customers all other product-related information, leaving them with minimal to no queries
  • Instilling trust and confidence in customers to make the final purchase faster
  • Helping businesses to generate qualified leads
  • Resulting in a shortened sales cycle that can pave way for higher sales

With an interactive product viewer’s quality features and benefits, a business can simultaneously save time and generate more profits.

Which B2B Brands Are Leveraging 3D Product Demos?

B2B brands are showcasing their innovative side by applying unique web technology. They are doing so by inculcating 3D product displays to their target audiences. With their increased features and benefits, these B2B brands are utilising product viewers’ full potential.


Founded in Denmark, Danfoss is an engineering firm best recognised for its high-pressure pumps, sensor systems, and building climate control products. With good product demonstrations, they ensured that their customers better understood how their products worked. Danfoss used this technical approach to promote their goods interestingly. Additionally, this assisted the business in developing a captivating experience that set them apart from other general product demonstrations.


360-degree product view of a circulator pump
360-degree product view of Grundfos' Magna3 Circulator pump

Grundfos is a pump manufacturer based out of Denmark. They added a 3D display solution to their digital showroom, enabling customers to zoom in and see things from all sides easily. With this, the brand sought to deliver an astounding product experience to its viewers. Apart from an exploded view, the interactive product demo’s features, like info hotspots and live chat capabilities, made the product browsing experience quite dynamic.


The corporate headquarters of the worldwide pharmaceutical company Merck are located in Rahway, New Jersey. Merck incorporated the power of 3D-enabled product representation to enhance their customers’ overall experience. They allowed their customers to see the product in a three-dimensional view and enhanced visitors’ product interaction experience. This allowed them to interact and learn more about the products and held the customers’ attention longer.

Which B2C Brands Are Leveraging 3D Product Demos?

By utilising digital solutions, B2C brands are making the most of 3D product viewing. Below are the B2C brands that have implemented the use of 3D demonstrations.


IKEA is a worldwide company that sells completely assembled furniture, home decor, and more. They made their first foray into 3D reality a few years ago when they released their Ikea app. This enabled users a 360-degree view of the products and also allowed them to engage with the products.


Fatboy is a Dutch design firm that sells lifestyle products. Their beanbags are their most well-known product. They implemented 3D product viewing to ensure an enhanced customer viewing experience by enabling customers to view products in a unique and detailed manner.


The eco-friendly stroller company Bumbleride is situated in San Diego, California, and sells a variety of infant strollers. To promote their products distinctively, they started adding 3D modeling into their marketing strategy, where their customers could get an elaborate product view.


Adding a touch of 3D product viewing solutions to your brands can be essential. Regardless of your industry, every business can use 3D product demos to their fullest potential. To improve your brand's approach to product portrayal, Exhibit 360 delivers cutting-edge 3D product exhibition solutions. To find out more about 3D explorers, get in touch with us now.

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