Does Your Brand Need a 3D Product Explorer?

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Representative visual of a 3D product explorer

Brands and businesses are consistently improving their product representation strategy. In the modern competitive market, the way you present your products tells a lot about your brand. Every brand wants to maintain a favourable image by bringing something new to its audiences. They are now experimenting with innovations by inculcating exceptional brand experiences, such as exploring virtual worlds.

Virtual showrooms are digital platforms where businesses showcase their products in a 3D immersive environment utilising 3D product viewers, among other things. However, 3D product explorers can be used independently of virtual showrooms too.

As far as product representation is concerned, showcasing static images no longer works the same way. Therefore, adding the spark of 3D product demos while showcasing products can make all the difference.

What Is a 3D Product Explorer?

3D pop-up type 3 gas engine
3D pop-up of Innio's Jenbacher Type 3 gas engine

3D product viewing is an essential creative technological solution for brands and businesses. It enables them to let their target customers view their products virtually in a 360-degree immersive environment. Apart from a complete 3D view, zooming in and out options, and multidimensional product-viewing incorporated with AR, 3D explorers also offer exclusive features like annotations, animations, cut sections, and exploded views, enhancing the viewer experience even further.

How Are 3D Product Demos More Than Just a Visual Treat?

3D product demos allow you to showcase your product in the most effective way possible. This helps create an impeccable product experience for your target audience. From being visually enticing to assisting brands in more ways than one, here’s why 3D product demos are more than just a visual treat.

Offers Detailed Product Representation

3D product view of a CR pump
3D product view of the Grundfos CR pump

To stay up to date in the ever-changing market, brands need to ditch the old static to showcase products and step on to something more relevant and engaging. Presenting your brand with an AR product viewer will allow visitors to view products in a highly realistic 3D environment. This also enables them to zoom in and not miss out on any product-related details. It will also allow them to rotate products to view them from all angles, giving a detailed product view. Thus, including an interactive product demo can offer audiences opportunities to engage, interact and understand your products better.

Builds Product Authenticity

A creative web solution not limited to digital showrooms can help businesses expand their unique product experiences. This way of product demonstrations helps buyers establish more certainty about your product. Moreover, 52% of customers believe that interactive product demos let them effectively comprehend the product. Therefore, brands can integrate a 360-degree product viewer on their websites, virtual showrooms and more, making the most of this product demonstration.

Ensures Higher Sales

The primary goal of most organisations is to ensure profits. Enhancing customer interaction with the brand will enable the same. There are various ways to improve customer experience, and letting your customers interactively engage with your products is one of them. The detailed viewing aspect of a 360-degree product viewer leaves customers with clarity regarding the product, resulting in an assured buying decision. Thus, businesses can generate qualified leads, increase sales and earn more profit.

What Are the Unique Features of 360-degree product viewer?

3D Product Explorers offer an interactive product experience by providing detailed and realistic visuals of products, the ability to rotate the products 360 degrees, and annotations to highlight the product USPs. They are built for web browsers of every device, can be integrated into websites, virtual showrooms and product presentations, and offer offline viewing in augmented reality.

Apart from these robust features, some of the unique characteristics that make this 360-degree explorer a much-needed phenomenon for brands to stay relevant in the market are:

Strategic Call to Action

With higher levels of engagement and quick query resolution, brands can convert a customer’s interest into action faster. 3D product demos can help businesses quickly and efficiently resolve customers’ doubts with the assistance of live chat features. This helps customers in following through with the purchase instead of postponing it.

Simulation and Visualisation

One of the unique features of interactive product demos is the ability to provide product details by simulating the workflow and explaining the product in detail with annotations highlighting key features. This makes customer analysis more detailed, and including a downloadable feature can provide ultimate customer convenience for future reference or viewing the downloadable information offline.

Storytelling and Information Hotspots

3D product display pop-up of a valve and digital actuator
3D product display pop-up of a Danfoss-manufactured valve and digital actuator

An AR product viewer can enhance how a customer interacts with a product. It adds features such as information hotspots, enabling viewers to learn more about a particular product’s part or functionality. This not only gives customers a unique product experience but also assists brands in establishing an excellent product narrative. Thus, interactive product demos are a game-changer for industries.


While 3D product viewers can be exceptionally helpful in providing a detailed analysis of every product, brands can also leverage gamification to make the experience more playful. Adding gamified elements and reactions engages the customers and makes the product more interesting to them. This would ultimately result in higher recall for the brand and its products.

Here’s Why Your Brand Needs a 3D Product Explorer

Interactive product demos can be an efficient way for brands to showcase their innovativeness. Here are the top three reasons why your brand needs the presence of a 360-degree product viewer.

1.     Holds Customer Attention for Longer

One of the numerous advantages of 3D product viewers is their ability to hold customers' attention for longer. 3D explorer can beat the boredom of a static page or a slow video that explains product features. Not only can it explain product features and benefits in a highly engaging manner, but also make visitors interact with the product. This interaction makes them stay for an extended period and assists them in recalling those products quickly.

2.     Shortens the Sales Cycle

An interactive 360-degree product viewer's exceptional features provide detailed product insights, offering potential customers more clarity. This in-depth understanding of the product functionalities leaves users with minimum doubts about the product. Therefore, it speeds up query resolution and customer action. A clear comprehension of the product hastens a buyer’s decision-making process, drastically shortening the business sales cycle.

3. Saves Time

One of the most precious resources any business can have is time; finding ways to save time is essential to thriving in a heavily competitive market. An effective and efficient 3D product demo will help businesses save a lot of time by eliminating the need to repeatedly explain the capabilities or usage of a product to potential customers. Furthermore, it is accessible from anywhere at any time, enhancing customer convenience.

Which Brands Are Making the Most of a 360-Degree Product Viewer?

Even though many brands need to hop on the bandwagon, a few are already succeeding in making the most of this AR product viewer. Below, we unravel the brands leveraging a 3D product viewer for enhanced customer experience.


Based out of the Netherlands, IKEA is a multinational business that creates and markets fully prepared furniture, home accessories, and various other products and services. It is wildly popular in most households and they first ventured into the 3D reality space a few years back when they introduced their Ikea app. This feature brings the ultimate product experience with the touch of a 3D product viewer by enabling customers to get a 360-degree view of the products and letting them engagingly interact with them.


Bumbleride is an eco-friendly stroller business based out of San Diego, California, offering various kinds of strollers for little kids. They started incorporating 3D modelling into their marketing plan to highlight their products in a unique way. This 3D viewing enables their customers to get an exploded view of the product. Additionally, it allows potential customers to comprehend the product features and functionalities better.


Grundfos is the world’s largest pump producer located in Denmark. They made the most of a 3D product viewer by adding this solution to their virtual showrooms. The brand aimed to provide an exceptional product experience to its customers by allowing them to zoom in and view products from all angles at their convenience. Additionally, the product viewing experience was made highly interactive with features like info hotspots and live chat features.


360-degree product view of an oil-free compressor
360-degree product view of a Danfoss Turbocor oil-free compressor

Danfoss is an engineering company based out of Denmark, well-known for its high-pressure pumps, sensor systems and building climate solutions. They believe that customers can better grasp the product functionalities with effective product demonstrations. So Danfoss leveraged this technological solution to present their products in an engaging manner. Moreover, this helped the company create an enticing experience that helped them stand out from the usual product presentations.


Providing 3D experiences has the potential to add a sense of uniqueness and charm to your brand, and 3D product explorers help you achieve that. Exhibit 360 offers innovative 3D product demonstration solutions to enhance your brand’s product representation strategy. Contact us to learn more about 3D explorers today.

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