Medtech Sales Force Effectiveness: Proven Strategies for Boosting Performance

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We all are aware that the global MedTech industry has a multibillion-dollar market value and is crucial in the healthcare industry. With this extensive influence comes the need for continuous advancements that significantly improve and save millions of lives every day. Because of these advancements, the different dynamics of the constantly changing MedTech sales landscape have become extremely important. This landscape is profoundly shaped by M&A activities in which businesses engage in strategic transactions to strengthen their market positions and diversify their product offerings. For instance, Microsoft acquired Nuance Communications to diversify its product portfolio.

Apart from this, there is a prominent transition from a sales representative-centered model to an omnichannel approach, emphasizing more on personalized promotions and enhanced information access for healthcare professionals. Hence, to match these developments, MedTech sales force effectiveness (SFE) initiatives become very crucial. This not only helps in boosting revenue but also in maintaining a competitive advantage in the market.

As per research conducted by ZS, MedTech companies can enhance their sales performance from 2% to 8% just by investing in salesforce effectiveness initiatives. These initiatives often include training programs to improve product expertise, interpersonal skills, and a better understanding of customer needs which enables MedTech companies to build a sales force that is focused on performance, improved customer interactions, and a streamlined and efficient sales process.

Not only that, sales force effectiveness enables MedTech companies to overcome challenges in implementing strategies, dealing with customer demands, and longer sales cycles. More than just a cost head, sales force effectiveness is an invaluable resource for organizations, influencing both the growth and revenue streams of the industry.

Understanding MedTech Sales Force Challenges

As the MedTech industry keeps progressing to provide top-notch facilities and services, it faces its fair share of challenges.

One of the most critical challenges for MedTech companies is improving the coordination between sales, marketing, and customer services. This means that to solve this problem, various departments need to work closely and communicate clearly. The company's overall performance in the cutthroat MedTech business depends on its ability to coordinate activities and communicate across multiple departments effectively. Therefore, the standardized sales model – one-size-fits-all, used by the MedTech companies, needs a more targeted and in-depth strategy. The strategy that works effectively for larger facilities might not be as effective for diverse and specialized medical environments.

Additionally, MedTech companies are also facing challenges from the rise of value-based care and other changes to the healthcare system.

These challenges have also simultaneously had an impact on the sales performance and growth of many MedTech companies. The MedTech industry is characterized by a complex and rapidly evolving environment

MedTech companies can ensure appropriate customer coverage, increase the impact of customer interactions, develop a performance-oriented sales team, and enable efficient and productive sales operations by strategically investing in sales force effectiveness initiatives, such as redesigning sales territories, putting account planning processes into place, offering coaching or training, and introducing new compensation structures.

Tech-Powered Sales Boost: Revolutionising Sales Force Effectiveness

Today, the market is shifting towards medical devices powered by highly advanced technologies. Therefore, it is important for MedTech sales processes also to involve cutting-edge technology that has tremendous potential to boost productivity, streamline procedures along with raising overall sales force effectiveness.

Advanced CRM systems like Salesforce CRM play a vital role in transforming the effectiveness of MedTech sales teams by offering a complete platform for handling customer relationships, expediting sales procedures, and leveraging artificial intelligence to maximize data organization and utilization. Salesforce's Health Cloud offers key capabilities like Patient 360 that provide a real-time comprehensive view of a patient’s medical history which simultaneously improves patient outcomes, streamlines operations, customizes treatment, and boosts satisfaction.

Virtual detailing platforms like iPROMO help sales representatives overcome geographical constraints and maximize resource utilization by delivering interactive and personalized presentations from a distance. Additionally, traditional sales techniques are being altered by telehealth technologies and remote engagement tools, which offer a flexible and efficient means of communication.

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies create immersive experiences, assisting healthcare professionals in better visualizing and understanding complicated MedTech solutions. Furthermore, predictive analytics powered by AI and ML algorithms automate repetitive work and free up sales representatives to focus on critical projects.

Another noteworthy instance of technology in healthcare is the use of 3D product demos. This technology enables sales representatives to virtually showcase products in their actual size which allows potential customers to explore and grasp the features and benefits of the devices more engagingly.

3D product demos cut down on expenses and risk of damage by eliminating the requirement to transport physical devices. The interactive nature of 3D demos allows for a closer examination of individual components, improving understanding of the product's functionality and design. Exhibit 360 is one such platform that empowers customers to explore their preferred products through the use of 3D product demonstrations.

Proven Strategies for Elevating MedTech Sales Force Effectiveness

Overcoming all the challenges and increasing the sales force's effectiveness requires meticulous planning, ongoing support, and training in the MedTech industry. Here are some tried-and-true methods to improve MedTech sales force effectiveness.

Providing Support with Mobile-First Dashboard

Utilizing assistance through a mobile-centric dashboard plays a crucial role in enhancing the performance of the sales team in the MedTech sector, as it provides sales representatives with real-time data and insights by acting as a centralized hub that is available on several devices. This accessibility ensures that the sales team can quickly obtain vital information including product specifications, inventory status, and customer preferences, even when they're on the go.

A mobile-first dashboard simultaneously improves customer engagement by integrating consumer data and providing a holistic view of client needs. This allows sales representatives to interact with healthcare experts during in-person meetings more effectively and have instant access to relevant information.

Conducting Targeted-Training Sessions

Targeted training programs are essential for building a performance-driven sales staff, increasing the impact of customer interactions, and creating an efficient customer coverage plan. These specialized training programs are designed to cater to the distinct challenges and demands of the healthcare sector, guaranteeing that sales professionals have the know-how and abilities needed to operate successfully in the MedTech sector.

Additionally, targeted training guarantees that the sales force remains current with technological improvements, regulatory changes, and market trends. This ongoing learning process contributes to the adaptability and agility of the sales team, allowing them to respond effectively to evolving market dynamics.

Building Cross-Functional Collaboration

To support the business-to-business-to-patient model (B2B2P), establishing a united, cross-functional team can enhance collaboration, allowing for a combined effort in carrying out various on-site tasks. When we break down barriers and encourage teamwork, MedTech companies can make sure their sales team has the right skills and knowledge for the ever-changing MedTech industry.

MedTech firms can find growth possibilities, improve customer engagement, and optimize performance through cross-functional collaboration. This in return helps the MedTech companies to create a performance-focused sales team, ensuring that the sales force remains competitive, adaptable, and capable of driving sustained revenue in the dynamic healthcare market.

Geographical Restructuring

Geographical restructuring is a strategic move that entails carefully rearranging sales territories or regions to better match market dynamics and customer requirements. Pharmaceutical and MedTech businesses can comprehensively evaluate regional markets by utilizing marketing and microgeographic data. This helps in pinpointing areas with the greatest sales potential, identifying specific customer and patient possibilities, and recognizing viable market opportunities.

Additionally, utilizing geo-marketing analysis helps identify high-potential physicians, pharmacies, and specialized healthcare centers for increased sales focus. This also helps enhance sales territory management through the examination of geographic and demographic data can lead to a noteworthy improvement in sales force effectiveness.

3D product demos

MedTech 3D product demos help demonstrate how medical devices function and their beneficial impact, thereby facilitating the sales process. This helps the sales team to effectively communicate the advantages of their products to potential clients, especially in the areas of online research and remote sales.

3D product demos also allow thorough customization and offer detailed representation crucial for effectively demonstrating the value of the products to healthcare professionals and decision-makers. If you seek immersive 3D product demonstrations, Exhibit 360 is the most suitable platform available. Exhibit 360’s 3D product demos can showcase products globally and provide a uniform presence on several platforms, including websites and presentations. Hence, by using this technology, MedTech companies can optimize their sales approach, make pitching effortless, and ultimately contribute to improving the overall sales effectiveness in the industry.


The world of Medtech Sales Force Effectiveness is going through a significant change, guided by strategies that have proven to enhance performance. Medtech companies can provide their sales teams with the skills and knowledge they need in order to successfully navigate the complexities of the healthcare industry by implementing targeted training, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, and promoting cross-functional collaboration.

Geographical restructuring and the use of data analytics further contribute to enhanced customer engagement and market insights. The incorporation of cutting-edge methods, such as 3D product demos, telemedicine technologies, and virtual detailing, shows a dedication to remain at the forefront of the changing healthcare scene. When it comes to 3D product demos, Exhibit 360 could be an ideal choice for MedTech companies looking to up their marketing game.

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