Sales & Marketing in Biotech: Strategies That Work in 2024

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In today’s day and age, where we become increasingly advanced in technology and are extremely interconnected, it has become crucial for old and new sectors to keep up with the latest trends. And one of the industries that has shown the most potential is the biotech industry. In fact, the need for biotech is in such high demand that studies show that the growth rate of the biotech market will be over 7.4% by the year 2025.

The biotech industry is ever-evolving where breakthroughs in gene editing and personalised medicine shape the landscape. As of today, the industry operates at the crossroads of scientific innovation, regulatory scrutiny, and market dynamics, creating a dynamic environment that demands strategic acumen.

The two strategies that have been able to navigate the complexities of the industry and promote its growth are sales and marketing. Their roles extend far beyond the conventional realms of promoting products. Over the years, sales and marketing in biotech have played a pivotal role in translating scientific intricacies into compelling narratives and building relationships that move across the scientific, regulatory, and business domains.

To fully understand the role of sales and marketing in biotech, let’s first take a look at where the industry is currently at.

The Biotech Landscape in 2024

To understand the current state of the biotech industry, let’s first acknowledge its inherent dynamism. The landscape in 2024 is characterised by rapid technological advancements, emerging trends, and shifting market dynamics.

One such notable trend is the innovations that are taking over the biotech industry. For instance, innovations in gene editing, synthetic biology, and CRISPR technologies have opened up new possibilities for drug discovery, development, and personalised medicine. The ability to manipulate and engineer genetic material has paved the way for groundbreaking therapies and treatment modalities.

Another trend is the increasing convergence of biotechnology with new-age technologies such as artificial intelligence and information technology. The integration of data analytics and machine learning in biotech research and development has streamlined processes, accelerated drug discovery, and enhanced decision-making. This synergy has not only improved the efficiency of research but has also contributed to the development of more targeted and effective therapeutic solutions.

The recognition of the potential of biotechnological innovations in addressing unmet medical needs has led to a surge in funding for biotech startups. To put this into perspective, the global biotechnology market size is expected to grow more than USD 3,210.71 billion by 2030. This influx of capital has enabled these companies to pursue ambitious research projects and bring new, innovative therapies to market.

As the biotech industry continues to grow, companies are placing a greater emphasis on sales and marketing strategies. With a portfolio of innovative products and therapies, biotech companies are focusing on building strong brand identities and effectively communicating the value of their offerings to healthcare professionals, patients, and investors. The competitive landscape has prompted biotech firms to invest in comprehensive marketing campaigns, educational initiatives, and strategic partnerships to maximise their market presence.

The Power of Effective Sales and Marketing

Effective sales and marketing play a crucial role in the biotech industry. They form a symbiotic relationship that drives success. For the biotech industry, marketing helps create awareness, educate, and generate leads, while sales convert those leads into customers. Together, the sales and marketing strategies foster business growth and build brand awareness.

However, there are some challenges that are unique to the biotech sector, like the technical and complex nature of products. Marketing and sales strategists need to navigate intricate scientific details to communicate value effectively. Moreover, long sales cycles and stringent regulatory environments add complexity, requiring a nuanced approach. And with the right strategies, biotech companies can achieve their desired marketing and sales goals with ease.

5 Sales and Marketing Strategies in Biotech

The blend of sales and marketing strategies is designed in a way that addresses the unique hurdles faced by professionals in the biotech industry. Here are some of the sales and marketing strategies that can help:

Precision Targeting in Marketing

Precision targeting in marketing is paramount. The intricate nature of biotechnological products necessitates a highly targeted approach to reach the right audience. Leveraging data analytics and advanced targeting techniques becomes imperative for maximising marketing effectiveness.

From identifying potential research collaborators to reaching decision-makers in pharmaceutical companies, precision targeting ensures that marketing efforts are not only impactful but also resource-efficient.

5 Sales & Marketing Strategies for the win

Educational Content Marketing

In an industry driven by innovation, educating the market is synonymous with building credibility. Therefore, educational content marketing serves as a powerful strategy to not only showcase product features but also to position a company as a thought leader in the field.

Informative content that explains the science behind products and addresses the challenges they solve can go a long way in building trust and boosting customer’s confidence in the product and the company.

Relationship Building in Sales

Like every other industry, even in biotech, relationships matter. Building and nurturing strong connections with key stakeholders, from researchers to decision-makers, is pivotal. Unlike traditional sales processes, biotech sales involve navigating through complex scientific discussions and addressing the unique needs of diverse stakeholders.

Sales and marketing strategies for effective relationship building include understanding the researcher's workflow, aligning with their scientific goals, and providing them with tailored solutions that genuinely add value.

Digital Transformation in Sales & Marketing

The onset of digital technologies has revolutionised sales and marketing in every industry, and biotech is no exception. From 3D product demo solutions to digital marketing campaigns, the biotech sector is witnessing a digital transformation.

Innovative tools, platforms, and methodologies are driving success, enabling companies to connect with their audience in new ways. Digital marketing not only enhances reach but also facilitates real-time engagement, allowing biotech companies to adapt their strategies based on immediate feedback.

Regulatory Compliance in Marketing

The biotech industry operates within a regulatory environment, and marketing strategies must align with these standards. Crafting marketing messages that communicate the benefits of products while adhering to regulatory compliance is a delicate balance.

Also, acknowledging the importance of transparency and ethical communication is crucial. Marketing and sales teams must work closely with regulatory affairs to ensure that promotional materials meet the necessary standards without compromising their impact.

Case Studies of Successful Sales and Marketing in Biotech

The biotech industry has seen numerous successful examples of companies employing effective sales and marketing strategies to promote their products and brands. Here are a few unique case studies that can serve as inspiration:

Merck Life Science

During the pandemic, Merck, a global pharmaceutical corporation, sought to showcase its innovations in the market and turned to Exhibit 360 for a creative solution. Collaborating with Exhibit 360, Merck aimed to craft an unforgettable, interactive marketing experience. Exhibit 360 rose to the challenge by designing a virtual platform where visitors could not only explore but also delve into Merck’s Active & Formulations.

Within this virtual space, Exhibit 360 seamlessly integrated a virtual assistant and informative materials, enriching the visitor experience by providing insights into Merck's products and processes. A notable highlight of this immersive journey was Merck's emphasis on excipients, a crucial yet visually challenging component of medicines often found in powdered form. To effectively address this challenge and showcase their exceptional products, Merck adopted an innovative approach by leveraging a virtual showroom.

By incorporating virtual simulations of experiments and demonstrations, Merck empowered customers to gain a profound understanding of how various excipients function and their compatibility with specific pharmaceutical formulations. This forward-thinking strategy not only attracted over 3500 users but also positioned Merck as a forward-looking company in the biotech industry.


Evorion, a dynamic biotech company driven by science and innovation, stands at the forefront of providing groundbreaking tools and services that revolutionise the exploration of cell-cell interactions, facilitating significant breakthroughs in research. However, when it came to its position in the market, Evorion was still looked at as a startup. And to change this, a substantial rebranding effort was imperative.

Evorion turned to Logotio, entrusting them with the task of transforming its brand image into one that commands serious consideration from even the largest global companies. Logotio went on to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the market and competitors' websites.

Based on their research, Logotio crafted a compelling narrative around the product's "CellCity," which ingeniously depicted cells living in a real city, injecting a touch of whimsy to communicate the device's concept. This strategic approach not only revitalised Evorion's brand identity but also positioned it as a noteworthy partner and supplier in the biotech industry.

Pathwork Diagnostics

Leveraging breakthroughs in genomics and the Affymetrix "GeneChip" microarray platform, Pathwork Diagnostics addressed unmet diagnostic testing needs in oncology. Their initial success came with the FDA-approved "Tissue of Origin" test, which effectively identified the source of cancer cells.

However, Pathwork Diagnostics soon felt the need for marketing assistance to determine the market opportunity and position the unique benefits of a new oncology recurrence test. This is where US Marketing stepped in.

To analyse and understand the biotech market, US Marketing engaged with top-tier oncologists and pathologists across the country, gauging the necessity and advantages of the proposed test. After their research, US Marketing outlined the essential steps for a successful product launch and meticulously detailed potential market obstacles. In collaboration, both - Pathwork Diagnostics and US Marketing - evaluated the feasibility of proceeding with the FDA approval process for the new test.

After this collaboration, both companies came together once again. This time the initiative aimed to identify four additional oncology sectors and thoroughly examine and prioritise potential new tests for their pipeline based on apparent market opportunities. This strategic partnership underscored Pathwork Diagnostics' commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation in oncology diagnostics.

Future of Sales and Marketing in Biotech

Sales and marketing professionals in the biotech industry must proactively prepare for and adapt to the evolving landscape. To stay ahead, it's essential for them to stay informed about industry trends by regularly engaging with publications, attending conferences, and connecting with thought leaders.

Continuous learning and skill development are paramount to keeping up with the industry. It is necessary for them to understand emerging biotechnologies such as genetic engineering and precision medicine. Developing digital marketing proficiency is equally crucial to leverage online channels effectively.

Also, building relationships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) adds a layer of credibility to marketing efforts. These industry influencers can provide invaluable insights that shape strategies and contribute to effective communication. Personalisation is key in the biotech sector, requiring tailored marketing messages that address the specific needs and challenges of clients. Utilising customer relationship management (CRM) systems for data analysis allows the creation of targeted and impactful marketing campaigns.

And don’t forget about the cross-functional collaboration between sales, marketing, R&D, and other departments. This collaborative approach ensures that marketing messages align with the technical aspects of biotech products, enhancing overall strategy effectiveness.

Remember that an agile marketing approach allows for quick adaptation to changes in the market or industry, while a customer-centric focus ensures that marketing strategies directly address the unique needs and challenges faced by biotech customers.

Wrapping Up

As we step into 2024, staying agile and innovative in sales and marketing in biotech is not just a strategy but a necessity. The biotech industry's pace of change demands nothing less than a proactive and adaptive approach to ensure success.

The capacity to anticipate and adapt to emerging trends, technological disruptions, and regulatory shifts will define success. Agility and innovation are not mere buzzwords but prerequisites for survival in an environment where change is the only constant. The professionals who thrive will be those who embrace a mindset of perpetual learning, leveraging every challenge as an opportunity to refine and redefine their strategies.

If you are someone who is looking to enhance your sales and marketing strategies for your biotech company, then Exhibit 360 can help. We offer innovative, 3D product demo solutions that will enhance your marketing game and help you stay ahead of the competition. Get in touch to know more about how we can help you!

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